Two Garbage Men Hear Cries for Help Coming from a Plastic Beg Thrown Inside the Trash Truck

How cruel could someone be to do such a horrific thing!?


People get rid of different things they don’t longer use, such as old furniture, ragged clothes, and stuff. Sadly, some get rid of their pets as well. And no matter how heartbreaking it is, the reality is that a number of animals are dumped by their owners, many times in the most cruel ways possible.

Two garbage men were on the job when they heard strange sounds coming from the garbage truck. They looked at each other wondering what that could be, so they stopped what they were doing and decided to go through the begs. Their decision turned to be the right one, as it helped save a life that day.

Inside one of the trash bags, there was a frightened cat. The poor animal wasn’t only thrown, but she was doused with gasoline. Luckily, she was heard just in time, otherwise, she would have ended up crashed.

The two garbage men couldn’t believe their eyes. They couldn’t help but wonder how someone could be so cruel as to do such thing to a poor animal.

These kind men took the cat and brought her to the nearest hospital. Thankfully, she received the medical attention she needed so badly and is now recovering. She was given the name Maisy, but once her story spread, people dubbed her Miracle Maisy.

Once she’s completely healed, she will be given up for adoption. We are sure a loving family will soon take her in.

Please share this story to raise awareness of what dumped animals go through because of cruel people and neglectful owners. You can see the video of Miracle Maisy below.

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