Two dogs strolled into St. Luke’s University of Health Network and everyone loved it


Need an “awww” moment? St. Luke’s Anderson Campus located in Easton, Pennsylvania is considered one of the most patient friendly and accessible hospitals in the area; did anyone ever include pet friend also?

Well, it seems the canine committee may have met in secret, and a few unexpected visitors strolled into the HomeStar Pharmacy in the Anderson’s Medical Building a few days ago. Pharmacists were quite surprised when they looked over and saw two pups, Emma and Nero, patiently waiting to be helped; most likely not for antibiotics. Anyone here have any cookies?

Personnel were able to make sure the dogs were safely escorted out of the hospital:

The dogs enjoyed the accessibility and welcoming employees at St. Luke’s Anderson campus!

The owner of the dogs, Kathy Tamasie, thanked the staff for corralling her two runaways and rounding the two very friendly dogs with cookies and treats. It seems as if the two dogs had quite the adventure. Kathy tells their story:

Thank you ! To add to this funny adventure Nero was the one who got out through a loose post in my fence; Emma came and told me. as she ate and drank I ran upstairs to put on my shoes to go and look for the boy. When I came down Emma was missing as well ! I was frantic . I drove around and I couldn’t find them. Once back home I had to calm down and think how can I find them… then it occurred to me to look on Bethlehem police FB blog . And Eureka there they were!!! But I now realize that if it wasn’t for your staffs kindness this could have turned out so differently . So again thank you and Emma and Nero say thank you as well !

Many thanks to the kind people at St. Luke’s University Health Network. Stop by their Facebook and thank them for their kindness when it came to helping two sweet dogs.

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