Traumatized And Abused Dog Faced Only The Wall — Until Another Dog Arrives

I don't care who you are... if this doesn't touch you, you need to get your pulse checked.


The poor dog never budged..

This is the story of Angel, a Greyhound mix. Initially, she hailed from an abusive pound in Ireland. She was rescued, but was terrified of people. When rescuers from PAWS brought her back to their headquarters, they expected Angel to adapt fairly well just like the others. However, she was traumatized, and was too scared to do anything else. She sat in one corner and faced the wall, and never moved from that single spot she occupied.

Staff had made numerous efforts to make Angel feel comfortable, but no one could. They even tried luring her with food. Angel only ate some kibble when no human was around her. If not, she would face the wall once again.

Desperate, staff at PAWS knew that they had to try something else for her. They went back to the pound where they rescued Angel, and rescued yet another dog. They had hoped his company would help Angel.

The other dog, who was named Cliff, caused a huge transformation in the once-timid Angel. Due to their strikingly-similar appearance and close fondness for one another the moment they met, PAWS staff reached a surprising but accurate conclusion: Cliff was Angel’s brother!

Initially, they had though that it would take a very long time for Angel to get over her trauma. Once Cliff was beside her, she progressed much faster than anyone would have guessed!

Watch Angel’s story in the video below!

Today, Angel and Cliff have been adopted as a pair, and are living happily with their forever loving family – thanks to their rescuers and their strong sibling bond!

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