Trapped Leopard Was Stuck In A Well – Until A Brave Vet Saves Her


The Leopard had no way out..

Water wells are built as a source of hydration for us humans, but they can pose a threat to many animals. In India, a leopard had accidentally fell down a dry well, which was located near the city of Guwahati, North-East of India.The leopard had been trapped in the well for a few hours well before locals picked up on her series of distressed cries. Guwahati residents found the leopard at the bottom of the well, and they quickly contacted their local forestry officials for assistance. It would take teamwork as well as the strength of many to save the leopard.

One of the forestry officials, a veterinarian whose name was Dr. Bijoy Gogoi, had smartly created a rope harness. It could haul up the leopard’s body with ease, as it would seem. He personally volunteered to go down the well and put the harness on the big cat. Before he did so, the formerly distressed leopard was tranquilizd to ensure that Dr. Gogoi’s safety. Once the leopard was successfully sedated, Dr. Gogoi stepped down the ladder and into the well.

One bystander had filmed a video of the amazing leopard rescue! At the bottom of the well, Dr. Gogoi put the harness on the leopard, and signaled the rest to pull upwards.

Both the locals and officials began pulling the duo upwards. They had worked slowly and methodically to get the leopard back on solid ground – with much success!

Watch the rescue happen in the video below!

Plus, leopard was found to be uninjured. The forestry officials had brought the big cat over to the Assam State Zoo for a medical check-up after her rescue. The Leopard would be re-released back into the wild once she has recuperated fully – what great news this is!

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