Town Residents Refuse to Help Poor Eagle Hanging from a Tree, so Army Veteran Steps In

As the bald eagle was dangling 70 ft above the ground for days, residents believed rescuing her would compromise the safety measures. That’s when a kind veteran decided to attempt a heart-stopping rescue!


A bald eagle could be seen hanging from a tree, around 70 feet from the ground in Rush City, Minnesota, during the weekend of 4th of July.

Most of the residents who have spotted the eagle believed the bird was already dead and weren’t willing to do anything to check if their assumptions were correct.

But army veteran Jason Galvin and his wife couldn’t just ignore the fact that there was a dangling eagle out there that was in need of help.

However, before they tried to save the eagle themselves, the Galvins called the police, the fire department, and the DNR, which all said how they were aware the eagle was there for two and a half days but saving the poor thing wasn’t within their jurisdiction. Apparently, many safety measures would be compromised in case they did anything to free the bird.

Hearing that, Jason took his raffle and used his own ‘eagle eye’ to shot the branch at the exactly same spot around 150 times. The sun was blistering hot, but that didn’t prevent Jason from doing his best.

After a couple of hours, the branch broke and the eagle fell in the bushes.

They could see her foot was stuck in the branch and that prevented her from releasing herself.

A local rescue center wrapped the eagle in a blanket and took her with them. Currently, she is recovering from the injuries but will soon be released into her natural habitat.

This incredible story involves an eagle, a veteran, and 4th of July, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the magnificent bird was named “Freedom.” We believe the name suits her just perfectly.

Thanks to the brave veteran and his wife, this bald eagle, the symbol of our country, got to reach the skies again.

Take a look at the full story in the video below.

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