Toddler Cuddles Kitten On The Couch, But Watch Them Both When Mom Says ‘Hello’

She knew she had to pull out the camera, and fast.


This toddler really loves his kitty!

A bond between a human and an animal is one of the longest existing friendships formed since decades ago. Pets provide one of the best type of companionship ever. Whether you are sad, lonely or simply needing a shoulder to lean on, your cat or dog would be there to comfort you. They could simply sit beside you, gaze lovingly at you or even cuddle up next to you when you sit and sleep! Young children and toddlers are able to forge an unbreakable bond of friendship with animals too, especially if they are properly acquainted with one another since infant hood or childhood. In comparison to their canine counterparts which has famously earned the title of ‘man’s best friend’, who knew that such a term could be applicable to felines as well?

In a video courtesy of Mario Orcon, one toddler was videotaped by his mother – with a little kitten in his arms. He would not let go of his furry companion, and neither would the kitten be beside anyone else other than him. His mother started to say ‘Hello’ to both of them, and she got an unexpected response back. Both the toddler and the kitten said hello back in their own ways, simultaneously! How adorable is this?

Watch the adorable scene in the video below!

Did you think that only dogs could be special to us? Think again – cats can be, as well!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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