Tiny Warrior Still Fights to Live After Massive Brain Injury and Needs All Our Prayers

Please send your prayers for this tiniest warrior!


This world will only be a better place if no animal is hurt by humans ever again.

Recently, some passersby spotted a tiny puppy helplessly lying on the ground in a city in Thailand. They were worried for the animal’s safety and decided to act quickly so they contacted an animal rescue group called Nilobon Naknoi.

The rescuers believed the little pup had fallen off from a building accidentally or she was thrown by someone. It was very obvious she was in so much pain, so the rescuers rushed her to a hospital.

After a thorough examinations, it was determined she had fluids around her brain which led to a massive swelling of her head. Until they decided how to treat her, doctors gave her medications so that she could rest.

Next, they drained the fluid and gave her some puppy formula after which she started feeling better. The cutie pie was placed in a foster home with a medic who could take proper care of her.

The sweet puppy experienced severe trauma at very young age so her every day is a fight. But the good thing is that she doesn’t have to fight it alone. There are a number of people who stay by her side on the every step of the way to her complete recovery.

This lovely dog got a second chance at life because of the kind-hearted passersby and the rescuers who stepped in. It’s because of people like them that many animals live the life they deserve.

We keep our fingers crossed for this puppy to recover and find a loving forever home.

You can take a look at the whole story in the video below.

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