Tiny Puppies Found In The Woods Grow Into Huge Dogs

It completely surprised their rescuers!


One may assume how experienced veterinarians have seen it all, so when they are shocked by the health condition of certain animals that end up under their care, you know the cases are beyond severe. 

When six puppies were brought at a shelter in Sylacauga, Alabama, the staff couldn’t believe their eyes. The sweet souls were in such a bad shape that they weren’t able to identify their breed. 

The babies were spotted wandering at the nearby woods by a good Samaritan who wouldn’t just leave them there. 

“They were so smelly that the shelter staff had to wear masks in order to bathe them,” Nicole Zaguroli with Second City Canine Rescue (SCCR), a nonprofit rescue in Illinois, told The Dodo. “They were in very bad condition; they had scabies, they were malnourished and cold.”

Their skin was red and covered in scabies and they only weighted around 5 pounds, so everyone assumed they wouldn’t grow big. 

“The staff thought they were cocker spaniel mixes based on their appearance when they came into the shelter’s care,” Zaguroli said.

The shelter’s staff was doing everything in their power to facilitate the puppies’ days, but it was more than obvious how they were in need of some way more serious medical care, so they made a plea and asked others to join in the process of recovery. That’s when Jacque Cobb, the president of SCCR stepped in. She relocated the dogs to Auburn Veterinary College and nurtured them until they were ready to be sent to foster homes. 

“Two homes stepped up and agreed to split the puppies between them,” Zaguroli said. “The puppies required significant care to meet their medical needs, so our foster homes truly were their angels!”

After all the care and the love they received, the puppies’ hair started growing back. As for their breed, those around couldn’t tell for sure what exactly these lovely doggies were. 

“We made a best guess of Great Pyrenees/poodle mixes because the little amount of hair they did have was so curly,” Zaguroli said.

As time passed by, however, the babies turned into pretty huge dogs and it was determined by one of the adopters how they were 100% Great Pyrenees.  

It’s amazing what love can do. Take a look at these gorgeous creatures now. An incredible transformation indeed. 

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