Tiny Pup Lies Dead On Operating Table For An Hour – Then Feels God’s Divine Touch

Little Stupe went in for a simple neutering operation but seconds into the procedure, his heart stopped beating. Precious minutes passed...the vets desperately tried to get Stupe back but after an hour, they'd given up hope. Then...


This is definitely not a usual rescue story, but one in which God stepped in and showed us that the power of prayer and never giving up can lead to amazing things that ordinary people can’t explain.

It all started when a tiny doggy named Stupe was brought to the South Africa’s Highveld Ridge SPCA for a neutering operation.

The doctors at the hospital have done this procedure countless of times before, but this time was a bit different. What happened to the poor pup is something so unusual and puzzling that it can only be considered a miracle.

Namely, a couple of minutes into the surgery, the tiny pup went into cardiac arrest and didn’t show any signs of life. The doctors were left devastated and couldn’t believe that a routine procedure could take such a wrong turn.

The medical team administered CPR, but in vain. The dog was already gone. However, some of the doctors though they should give it another try and simply refused to give up, so almost an hour in trying to resuscitate the dog, he started breathing on his own and just like that, he came back to life.

No matter how incredible this all sounds, that’s exactly what happened.

However, the fight for Scupe’s life wasn’t completely over yet, because he was still in coma and the vets were in anticipation to see what will happen once he opened his eyes. They even contacted a professors from the College of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria for help, but the answer they got was to wait and pray.

Their work there was done, it was now up to God to decide whether the dog will wake up from the coma and get a second chance for life.

Luckily, God answered the doctor’s prayers and the tiny patient was finally on his feet after two long days spent in coma.

The medical staff posted about the little warrior on their Facebook page, saying:

This little cross bred dog was given no medication to stimulate his recovery. His will to live and the soft caring nursing by SPCA staff brought him back.

The miracle dog not only got a new life, but a new name as well. The doctors decided to name him Lazarus, for he defeated death.

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