Tiny Labrador Does Her Best to Carry a Newspaper That’s Twice Her Size

This tiny Labrador struggling to carry the newspaper is beyond adorable!


Every dog owner will tell you how their four-legged pets are their best friends. Dogs are simply awesome. They always know how we feel and go above and beyond to cheer us up when we feel down and share with us our joy when they see us happy and smiling. All they ask for in return is our love and affection.

No matter if they behave or are naughty most of the time, we can never get mad at them because they are our family and are always ready to make our days a little bit better and brighter.

Peter Schulz is the owner of the cutest little Labrador puppy named Gracie. What is interesting is that this man was also the owner of this puppy’s mother and grandmother. Both of them would always bring his newspaper to him every single day and now it’s up to Gracie to continue the tradition.

Photo: YouTube / Caters Clips

Gracie, however, no matter how much she loved running towards the driveway and grabbing the newspaper, had struggles doing that. If you wonder why, it’s because the newspaper was twice her size and she had troubles taking it with her tiny mouth. But Gracie isn’t a dog that would accept a failure. She was just four months when the video was taken, but now she’s older and has no troubles doing this chore.

In fact, in order how to learn where and how to grab the newspaper, she asked from Peter to teach her and she’s now a “professional newspaper carrier.”

You can take a look at the adorable video below.