Sick, Hairless Dog Found Cowering Below A Car, Looks So Happy After Some Tender Love And Care

Just take a look at him now - he's a completely different dog!


This once timid and bald dog has certainly came a long way!

One woman named Karla Solis spotted a terrified animal trembling beneath a car in Tijuana, Mexico one day. It was balding, frightened and starving, and she knew she had to help it. After several attempts, Karla managed to coax the frightened creature out to where she stood. However, the dog was in terrible shape, and was too afraid to make any eye contact with her.

The kind-hearted woman was pained to see that the dog was suffering from severe mange, as well as other tick-borne infections which caused his skin to be even more inflamed. His pelvic bones were visible and sticking out of his weak 40-pound frame. It was half of his breed’s healthy weight range.

The veterinarian tending to the canine discovered that he had been suffering from Ehrlichia, a tick-borne illness and an unknown mass in his abdomen. Karla contacted local rescuer Becky Moder, who helps neglected animals in Mexico by transporting them to shelters in the United States and raise donations for their medical treatments.

Shy, scared and quiet, the dog was merely a 5-year-old canine – but he had clearly been through so much. Medical funds came up short, but Becky refused to give up and shelved out her savings to pay for the remaining half of the dog’s medical fees!

To the duos’ delight, the dog whom they had named Elliot, quickly responded to the treatments and began to heal well. He would be soon put up for adoption in the United States, where he would meet his forever loving family.

Not long after Elliot’s arrival in the States, Kim Forrest and her partner spotted him at The Barking Lot, a local animal rescue located in El Cajon, California. Due to their busy schedules, the couple had been searching for an older yet sweet and calm tempered dog. Elliot was perfect for them. They took him in, and the rest is history.

With a new name, Asher, the 5-year-old canine came out of his shell and was not timidly shy anymore – he even enjoys playing with his new feline sibling! “I could honestly not imagine having a better dog,” Forrest and her partner remarked proudly.

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