Three Men Are Currently Wanted By The Police For Abusing A Dog Using Sticks And Bricks.


Three men were responsible for the brutal torture of an innocent dog.

According to Fox 8 News, on the 9th of March in Cleveland’s East side, three men used sticks and bricks to attack a 1 year-old dog. A person who witnessed the abuse stated that the dog was abused by three men who were aged between 16 to 20 years old. They ran away after learning that the police had been contacted and are currently wanted by the police. The poor dog who was dubbed “Indiana Bones”, had been struck repeatedly with the sticks and bricks used by the men.

The dog was immediately taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League for medical attention. Unfortunately, Bones suffered multiple injuries from the abuse so he will need to undergo surgery. The veterinarians also believed that Indiana Bones might have been hit by a car before the abuse due to the severity of Bones’ injuries. A photo of Bones is shown below.

A reward of $500 is offered by the animal welfare agency for any information regarding the three men who abused Bones. This is to ensure that they serve the appropriate justice for causing the dog’s injuries.

According to Sharon Harvey, who is the CEO of the Cleveland Animal Protective League, the wanted men are African-Americans who are between 16 to 20 years old. The first man wore a black hoodie with a Nike logo and sweatpants, the second man wore a gray hat and a North Face fleece, and the third man wore a khaki hoodie and jeans.

Please contact the local authorities immediately should you have any information on their whereabouts.

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