Three-Legged Dog Stuck In Puppy Mill Cage For 9 Years Finally Gets His Happily Ever After

Trip watched as other dogs got adopted, his tail wagging in hope. Then...


The world becomes a better place whenever a life of an animal is saved. The most recent story that stole our hearts comes from National Mill Dog Rescue who made a change in one Chihuahua’s life by taking him out of the puppy meal where he spent most of his life. With only three legs, starving, and with rotten teeth, Trip didn’t have it easy, but now his life was about to take a different turn.

National Puppy Mill Rescue

When the staff from the organization approached the tiny dog it looked as though he could feel they were there to offer a helping hand. And he was right. He was soon taken to a vet who made sure Trip took the much-needed medications. The volunteers grew fond of the lovely dog.

Trip loved his new life. For the first time in his life he got to explore the nature around, play fetch, and run as much as he wanted. He fell in love with the people who took care of him.

National Puppy Mill Rescue

National Mill Dog Rescue brought him to several events and featured him in several videos.

Unfortunately, none of the people who took notice of Trip were wiling to provide him with a forever home, up until that Halloween when his new family thought he was worth giving him another shot in life.

Trip is the happiest dog out there that gets to spend time with his two furry pals. Below is a picture of the three happy friends on Trip’s first Halloween in the new place.

National Puppy Mill Rescue

We are glad this beautiful dog got his happy ending and learned what it means to be loved. This is the change you make in an animal’s life when you decide to adopt a shelter pet.

To support and adopt a pet from National Puppy Mill Rescue organization, please visit their website.

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