This Squirrel Continued To Tap On Their Window For 8 Years – Until They Saw What She Wanted To Show Them!


This squirrel tapped on the family’s window everyday..

In 2009, a woman named Brantly Harrison and her family had rescued an injured 4 week-old squirrel after it was attacked by an owl.  The young squirrel had suffered serious injuries from the attack, so the Harrison family took her back to their home in South Carolina to nurse her back to health.

The family provided ample food, warmth and safety for the injured squirrel. During this time, the family and the squirrel had developed a close bond. The family even named her “Bella”! After successfully nursing Bella back to health, she was released back into the wild during spring in 2010.

At first, the family thought that they would never see Bella again. So it surprised them when they saw Bella! Bella would wait patiently in front of the window for someone to take notice of her presence. Her bond with the family grew so strong that Bella was comfortable enough to accompany them in the garden!

Over the span of eight years, Bella has become a member of the family and loved to spend her time with them. Until one day, Bella appeared at the Harrisons’ home with an injured foot. Alarmed by Bella’s injury, the family immediately took her into the house and tended to her.

The family gave her some antibiotics and nursed her back to health. It was obvious that Bella trusted the family and knew they would keep her safe when she was injured. When Bella had recovered, the family prepared to release her back into the wild again until they found something surprising in Bella’s cage!

The family were delighted to find three babies in Bella’s cage! As Bella trusted the family a lot. she knew that her babies were safe with the Harrisons. The family were touched by Bella’s trust and her willingness to share this good news with them.

Bella was right, the Harrisons continued to take care of her and her babies until they were healthy enough to be released into the wild. Bella and her babies are definitely in good hands!

The bond between Bella and the Harrisons is truly amazing and one-of-a-kind!

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