This Dog Spent His Entire Life on the Streets and Never Felt Human Touch. Finally, Someone Came to Rescue Him

Benji was a homeless dog his whole life. But, this was all about to change. This is his story.


Hope for Paws has never left a dog behind, no matter how much time and energy it takes for the poor souls to be saved and given new lease on life. So when they got a call about a homeless dog in a desperate need of help, they did what they do best, took him off the streets and showed him that life can be beautiful with the right people by his side. 

Eldad and Lisa, the founders of this incredible rescue organization were warned that the dog, whom they named Benji, was very afraid of humans, so they knew they had to take things slowly and be very gentle in order not to scare him further. When he noticed them, Benji started running and his rescuers ran after him. Whey they finally caught him, Benji was very upset, but calmed down eventually.  

The first thing his rescuers did was get rid of Benji’s matter fur. He got his first bath and looked like a completely new dog. However, he was very shy and Lisa agreed to help him become more sociable. She did that with the help of her two dogs Lola and Frankie who were lucky to have Benji in the house. It took lovely Benji only 10 days to start feeling comfortable around Lisa and his canine friends. 

Luckily, he will soon be adopted and can forget his hard life on the streets of Houston. 

Take a look at the video of Benji’s rescue and transformation below and don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

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