This cow ran away to join a herd of bison

This cow is living her best life.


An owner of a herd of cows from Eastern Poland got concerned when one of his cows got missing. This unusual escape took even more unusual turn when someone spotted where this animal went. She apparently got bored of her conventional lifestyle at the farm and decided to undertake an adventure by joining a traveling troop of nomadic bison. Now you may say how this isn’t something worth all this attention. But once you see what experts have to say about the relation between cows and bison throughout the years you’ll be as stunned as we are. 

As the snowy flatlands weren’t much of a life for this Limousin-breed cow, she believed this other herd had more interesting days and she just wanted to be part of it. 

Any animal expert would tell you how cows and bison aren’t really that fond of one another. This makes it difficult to believe that one cow would opt for becoming their friend, and it’s even more strange that the herd accepted this new pal who obviously didn’t just wander there but wanted to be part of their family. 

It was ornithologist Adam Zbyryt who first took notice of this unusual friendship. He knew his fellow colleagues wouldn’t believe what he saw so he took a few photos to prove he wasn’t just imagining things up. The photo later took all over the Internet and left people puzzled. The story doesn’t stop there. Other naturalist were so interested in this phenomena that they quickly hurried to the area where the herd was residing willing to learn more about this never-before seen occurrence.  

Another person, the bison expert Rafal Kowalczyk at the Mammal Research Institute at the Polish Academy of Sciences described this as simply “exceptional.” However, this expert has certain corners regarding the cow’s long-term survival potential. 

Limousin-breed cows do survive harsh winters and severe weather conditions, but they also need to spend some indoors time. The fact this cow survived this winter outside might be because of this year’s unseasonably warm weather. 

Even though this inter-species fairy-tale may not last forever, the fact that it even started is enough evidence of how mother nature never fails to surprise us.

If you want to take a look at the whole story and see what it looks like when a cow and a group of bison make friends, make sure you check the video below. 

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