These Two Stray Dogs Showed Up At A House–Here’s What Happened When They Didn’t Leave


These two adorable dogs wandered, hoping to find a place where they rest and find shelter. They ended up on a woman’s doorstep in a rural community. Unfortunately for them, the woman wasn’t looking to keep two dogs, so she chased them off her property.  But apparently, the dogs sensed something in her and showed up at her door again, this time three hours later.

Even though the woman had shoed them away earlier, she realized the poor dogs looked starved and scared. She gave them food and water, and the pair were so happy to have food they ate as quickly as they could knocking bowls over and almost eating the rocks it spilled into.

She quickly recognized the dogs must have been dropped off and were abandoned. She spoiled them with a lot of love and attention they missed.

The dogs began to look and feel much better and now they didn’t want to leave.  Who could blame them?  She decided to see what she could find out if the dogs were missing.

No such luck,  she then took the dogs to see if they were microchipped. This also turned up with nothing.  Right then and there she had them microchipped in her name.

And she named them Thelma and Louise and these two pups are living a great life in a home where they are completely happy.

Thelma and Louise are having the time of their lives. Even though it’s sad that they were homeless, to begin with, now they have a kind owner, and quite obviously from the photos, animal friends to play with.

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