These German Shepherds’ love story and their wedding photos will brighten your day

And they have a puppy, too.❤️


Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate during their lifetime, but those who do are fortunate because spending your eternity with that one person (or dog) that you love is nothing less than a blessing.

Kaya and Hades are two German Shepherds who fell in love with one another the moment their owner took them home. Different in appearance, Kaya is a white German Shepherd and Hades is a black sable German Shepherd, but same in character and in the affection they show each other every single day.

The whole country, and even the world, learned of this cute couple after their owner, who goes by the name Gallowboob, shared their wedding photos on Reddit.

Some call them stunning, others beautiful and charming, but no matter what word you will opt for, we all agree that these photos melted our hearts.

Source: kayatheshepherd via Instagram

We guess the photographer behind these photos had a hard time getting the perfect shots, but to be honest, it was all worth it. Speaking of puppy love? Just scroll down to the bottom of this story and you’ll realize that the perfect definition of it is exactly what you see on these photos.

Source: kayatheshepherd via Instagram

Hades is wearing the perfect wedding tux, while Kaya is holding her wedding bouquet in the mouth. What a bride and groom, don’t you think so?

Source: kayatheshepherd via Instagram

We know the ceremony was fun and hope the guests had a great time celebrating the love between these cute dogs.

As for Kaya and Hades, they even went on their honeymoon and the photo below is a proof that they enjoyed their day after the wedding.

Source: kayatheshepherd via Instagram

Their owners knew that this family of dogs wouldn’t be complete without a puppy, so they contacted a few agencies and found just the puppy for Kaya and Hades.

Source: kayatheshepherd via Instagram

Kaya is over the moon with her baby by her side, although her owners say the little guy spends more time with his daddy, Hades, who seems to enjoy in his new role and never gets tired of playing and running around with his son.

And of course, after the mesmerizing wedding photos, not it was the time for a family portrait.

Source: kayatheshepherd via Instagram

Now if you think this family of dogs behaves and always stands still when it comes to taking photos, just see what preceded this cute photo.

Well, the pictures doesn’t have to be perfect as long as the family is, right?

We hope these photos made you day, because we know they made ours.