These 23 hilarious dog memes are only funny if you have a dog


If you ever wonder what it takes to make your life better and more fun, the answer you’ll get from any dog owner out there would definitely be to get yourself a four-legged furry pal. These loving and loyal creatures always know if you are feeling down and would never hesitate to treat you with a bunch of juicy licks on the face just to remind you how things aren’t always as bad as they seem. 

Those who truly appreciate a dog’s presence in their life would never say their pet is just ‘a pet.’ Because once you open the door of your home and your heart for these amazingly sweet creatures, they become family and must be treated as such. 

The online world if full of dog photos and hilarious memes and videos which speaks of the fact that they are one of humans’ favorite animals. They’ve been part of our life throughout the years and never failed to remind us over and over again why we consider them man’s best friends. 

Below are some of the best photos of dogs every dog owner or a dog lover would easily relate to. Do you ever tell your doggy how you spent your day? Or ask them whether they would like to go for a walk or spend the afternoon napping on the comfy sofa? If the answer is yes, don’t worry, you are not a weirdo. Every dog owner does it, I guarantee you that. 

Take a look at what we selected for you an enjoy!

If you thought otherwise, I am now sure you are convinced dogs are simply the best. We hope these collection of photos made you smile and made your day.

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