The smart dog Golden uses a washing basin as a ‘homemade bathtub’ making viewers unable to stop laughing

A smart and clever Golden dog is so creative when making a homemade bathtub himself to decrease the extreme heat of summer


Everyone knows that Golden Retrievers make one of the best pets and are great companions. They are very sweet and lovable, and the video below is a proof that they are very smart as well. The hot weather and the high humidity made everyone look for a way to coll themselves. And this Goldie is no exception. He is so hot that he found a way how to deal with the heat wave. He actually made a bathtub for himself. Yes, you’ve heard that right. A bathtub in which he enjoys spending hours of the day.

The dog pulls a basin with his mouth along the yard and positions it just under the tap. After he makes sure the basin is on the right place he uses his forearms and his mouth in order to open the faucet. It’s obvious he knows exactly what he is doing, and he’s doing it right.

Once the water starts flowing directly into the basin, the dog enters his ‘pool’ and enjoys the cold water running all over him. He’s cooling himself and has lots of fun at the same time, and we are happy he found a way to deal with the heat.

This Goldie is such a clever dog. Watch him creating his bathtub in the video below.

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