The Security Dog Sniffed This Blue Shipping Tote and Just Went Nuts


This is absolutely cruel.

The federal police of Mexico has released several photos and a shocking story back on February 7, 2018. Sharing the pictures on their Facebook page, their annoucement had explained that their officials, with the help of K-9 officers, had discovered a little tiger cub inside a blue taped-up box. Wildlife smuggling has been a growing problem at the border, and this was no exception.

Someone had tried to express-mail a baby tiger in Mexico. The tiger cub was found alive but heavily sedated and then packed into a sealed plastic tub, which was found with the assistance of a sniffer dog. Officials reported that the little jungle cat was healthy overall, but left dehydrated from the experience. Although the tiger’s ownership papers were all in order, the shipping method was considered inhumane and animal mistreatment. The tiger was then placed in the care of an animal rescue center.

The cub was packaged into a blue plastic container, and was sniffed out even though the job was to detect contraband within mail packages.

The poor cub had been mailed all the way from the western Mexico state of Jalisco, meant to be sent to an address in Santiago de Querétaro, in central Mexico.
The approximately 2-month-old Bengal tiger was surrounded by pieces of newspaper, which appeared to be a replacement for pet crate padding. The sender mailed the cub out via express mail but did not leave it any food or water, even though the box was perforated. As of late, the cub was reported to have no other health issues and is coping well in the animal rescue facility.

Watch the news footage in the video below:

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