The Sad Story Behind Dog’s Weird Appearance Is Breaking Everyone’s Hearts

When rescuers touched the dog's face, he screamed in pain and ran away.


This stray dog that was seen wondering the streets of India had the most unusual face the rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited have ever seen. It was swollen to the extent that it resembled a pig’s face. But the saddest part was that it was causing him so much pain that he ran away the moment they touched it.  

In order to get him to their shelter, the rescuers had to catch him and carry him in a net. Despite the pain, this sweet dog wagged his tail once he realized he was getting help from all those people who gathered around him. 

After thorough examination, the veterinarians determined the swollen face was a result of an infectious abscess. Luckily, the dog underwent a surgery during which the abscess was drained. 

The results of the medical care and the love he got turned this lovely creature into a completely new dog. Not only he looks stunning, but he got rid of the pain, and that’s the most important of all. 

Take a look at the video to see the amazing transformation and how healthy and happy this doggie is today. 

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