The emotional story behind touching photo of K9 and his handler

This photo of K9 Hanto and officer Anders Norén is even more touching when you learn the poignant story behind it.


K-9 units are of extreme importance when it comes to locating missing people. These special dogs are undergoing tough training that helps them become experts in what they do. When the lost individuals are found safe and sound, the joy is inevitable. Sadly, many cases involving missing people are not resolved. There are also a number of cases where the individuals are located, but too late. A Swedish reporter named Patrick Sjöö covered the story of such case and it touched the hearts of many. 

He wrote on his blog the story behind a photo of a K-9 officer and his handler that he took back in November 2009 in Börtnan, Jämtland. Hanto and Anders Norrén shared an emotional moment after a search they took part in was over. 

The following is a translated text from Swedish from Patrick’s blog. 

“One of my worst jobs ended in one of the best pictures I have taken. It was four years ago that I, as a police reporter, went with a K-9 unit after police received an alert about an elderly couple that disappeared in Berg Municipality. It is assumed the couple had gone out to buy fish but went missing. Police found the couple’s car on a deserted road and I was guided to the site by a police officer via the phone.”

“The elderly couple probably got lost and ended up in a small forest where they got stuck. They tried to put pine branches under the tires to get some traction, but it was to no avail. It was 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside and it was many miles to the nearest house. They had started walking away from their car to get help, but gave up after a mile.

“While searching, a police dog named Hanto and his handler Anders Norén found the couple. Unfortunately, it was too late. They were found close to each other. Snow had fallen on them and they had frozen to death under a spruce tree.

“When Hanto and Noren came back to the car, they gave each other a hug and I managed to get a picture. That picture never got into the newspaper, but I put it on my blog. Since then I have received several calls about the picture and it got good reviews.”

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