Sweet reaction after donkey baby cries out for missing mom

It was a blessing that Colonel Sanders had been given a new home, but rescuers could tell he was distraught after being separated from his mother. Fortunately, they knew exactly to do - capturing a priceless scene on film that's melting hearts.


A kind anonymous benefactor decided to save the life of two donkeys by buying them. However, he didn’t really know how to take care of them and that’s when Janine Guido stepped in. The sad thing was that she was able to place the baby donkey at the Speranza Animal Rescue, while the baby’s mommy was sent to a different place. 

Needless to say, fluffy Colonel Sanders was beyond sad and wanted to be by his mother’s side. He would even cry from time to time. Janine was desperate because she couldn’t do anything to keep the donkey family together. Mother donkey, Mary Poppins was probably longing to see her little one too. 


The days went by and Janine did her best for Colonel to have a happy and a healthy life. But nothing really worked, because he couldn’t let go of the thought that his mommy left him. All he did was being sad and refused to interact with the rest of the animals. 

One day, however, something truly amazing happened. Colonel could see Janine walking towards him with another animal by her side. He could recognize the familiar face of his loving mother. He started jumping in excitement and had the most precious reaction as Mary Poppins was getting closer. She was beyond happy too. It was a reunion that warms the heart. 


These mother and son spend every second of the day by each others side. They do everything together, play around and have fun. They even eat from the same bowl. Their lives are filled with love and joy.

Janine told The Dodo:

“They’re never more than 15 feet away from each other, and never out of sight. Colonel is kind of like the annoying kid, and Mary’s, you know, she’ll play and stuff and put up with him, but you know she loves it at the end of the day.”

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