Sweet Pit Bull Mix Who Sleeps In A Cardboard Box Is Looking For A Forever Home


Some of the best dogs do not come from only breeders or local pet stores.

Some people would be apprehensive to adopt a rescue dog, as it can be tough for them to adapt in a different household. Rescue dogs often would not have information on their past, such as their previous owners, medical health or their breed.

However, it is truly rewarding to adopt a rescue dog as there are many dogs who are waiting for their forever homes. Here is one example. Meet Captain, a pit bull mix who currently resides with the Detroit Dog Rescue. This pit bull mix has a quirky choice for his bedding, a cardboard box.

A photo of Captain sleeping soundly in a cardboard box circulated on the internet and caught the attention of netizens. Kristina Rinaldi, who is the Executive Director at the Detroit Dog Rescue took this chance to spread an important message about rescue dogs.

Her message was: “People often worry about adopting a rescue dog, because they tell us that we can’t change their past, and they are right. We can’t change their past. We can’t fix that they were dumped, they were discarded, they were mistreated, and they mistrusted at one point in their life.

We can’t fix the nights they were left in the rain, the times they had to find refuge and sleep on cold concrete, and they will probably never forget what it felt like to be hungry so many nights in a row.”

“We can’t make them forget the time they were hit, kicked, shot, burned, or thrown out of a window. We can’t take away the time when the only warm bed they had….was a discarded cardboard box.

Captain was rescued from the streets of Detroit. Every night, all he wants at bedtime, is a cardboard box. This cardboard box, or whatever size box we have at the time, is the only way he’ll sleep, because it’s the only way he’s ever slept to feel safe.”

Thanks to team at the Detroit Dog Rescue, rescue dogs like Captain will have a brighter future ahead. The team tries their best to help the rescue dogs in their care by using positive reinforcement and love to allow them to trust humans again.

Captain is currently 2 years old. His favorite hobby is to catch airborne treats and he also knows basic commands. Since Captain shows a little bit of fear around men, it would be preferable if he has a female owner.

If anyone is interested in adopting a rescue dog in or near Detroit, please come and see Captain.

Just a note for the lucky owner: please provide a cardboard box for Captain to sleep in, as cardboard boxes are his favorite bedding!

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