Surveillance Footage Shows Pair of Dognappers Stealing Man’s French Mastiff

The dognappers are still on the run.


A disturbing footage of two men stealing a dog from a person’s yard has been shared recently and people are outraged by these cruel dognappers’ act. The dog owner, along with the authorities, is asking from the public to come forward with information that would help in tracking the wrongdoers down.

The incident took place sometime ago in Mesquite, Texas, in the home of Matthew Ivy.

The scene resembles one of the movies and it’s obvious the dognappers have done this multiple times before as they are super organized. As one of them distracts the rest of the dogs, the other man grabs the 10-week-old French Mastiff named Chipper by his collar.

Speaking to Fox 51, the disturbed owner said, “I’ve always been a dog lover. These guys are family. I know it’s not a kid, but to me it feels like that.”

Thankfully, the dog has been brought home, but the thieves are still on the run. Chipper was bought from the thieves for $300 by a man named Vazquez who returned it to Ivy once he learned the dog was actually stolen.

Vazquez recognized the dognapper from the video and said how he didn’t know him from before but only met him when he visited his tire shop and offered him the dog. It was Vazquez’s wife who showed him the video that was going on the social media.

“It feels good to have returned the dog and to have everything for the dog to be back where it belongs,” Vazquez said. As for Ivy, he’s forever grateful his baby is by his side again and says we need more people like Vazquez in our society.

Take a look at how these dognappers operate below. Always keep a close eye on your pets and never leave them alone.

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