Husky Tells Mom He Wants A Bath And Throws A Hilarious Tantrum When She Says No

This is hysterical. 🐶❤️😅


Dogs are known to be the most loyal creatures ever, but when it comes to Huskies, it looks like they possess no high motivation for pleasing their owners. It’s not like they don’t want to do it, it’s just that being stubborn is in their nature.

Look at sweet Zeus for example. His favorite activity is taking long, relaxing baths. He loves that so much that he sometimes spends his days lying in the bathtub even if it’s not filled with water.

Recently, Zeus’ mom shared a hilarious video of him and it made us burst out laughing. It was time for taking a walk outside, but sweet Zeus didn’t want to go. Instead, he wanted to play with water in the bathroom, so he rushed inside and entered the bathtub.

However, his human mommy told him that he couldn’t have a bath at that particular moment. What Zeus did next left us in stitches. He threw a tantrum just the way little kids do it when they are told no for buying toys of candy.

The sound of him howling as though he begs to be let to have a bath will definitely make your day.

Look at Zeus throwing fit in the video below!

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