Street Dog Neglected For So Long That She Was Starting To Turn To Stone Goes Through Incredible Transformation

They couldn't even pick her up when they found her.


The life of street dogs is never easy. They have hard times finding food and fending for themselves. During severe weather, they struggle to find shelters and sadly, many die of freezing and starvation.

This story, no matter how sad it sounds because it depicts the troubles stray animals go through, has a happy ending all because of the caring people from Animal Aid Unlimited.

When they first spotted Alice, the volunteers were left heartbroken as her body was covered in mange and her fur started turning into stone. They have never seen such severe case before and knew they had to act fast if they wanted Alice to recover and survive.

After she received proper medication and a bunch of medicated baths, she turned into a completely new dog. Her transformation is one of the most stunning you’ve ever witnessed.

Take a look at it in the video below.

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