Street beggar seen using and abusing a pregnant dog while asking for money

He kept her tied up and, according to witnesses, constantly ab**ed her. But the right people stepped in.


What some people are willing to do all for the sake of money is outrageous. A beggar from Athens, Greece had been spotted asking passersby for money. And this wouldn’t be strange if there wasn’t a mother dog by his side that he used to gather people’s sympathy. The poor dog was tightly tied to a leash and the man could be spotted hitting her and mis*reating her while he was trying to sell her puppies whom he kept in a box. 

Seeing how serious the situation with these dogs was, the volunteers from SPAZ believed it would be for the best if they seek for police assistance. The officers answered the call and the man was soon taken to the police station. 

The dogs were placed at a shelter while they were waiting a court order to be removed from this cruel person’s care. The good thing is that the father dog along with four more puppies were tracked down and the family was now reunited. Until some good people come along the way and adopt these lovely dogs, they can enjoy their time together. We hope each and every one of them will get their happy ending. 

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