Stray Puppy In Grass Won’t Stand Up – Rescuers Inch Closer, Then Jump Back In Alarm

A tiny pup huddles in the grass by the side of the road. A passing couple spots her and inches closer... then they realize the poor thing needs immediate help!


A couple from Bali was driving along the road when they spotted a creature lying on the side of the street. As they approached they could see it was a dog. At first they thought the dog was dead, but then they could see it breathing.

It was trying to hide its tail and it was obvious the puppy was scared and malnourished. Maëlle Girard and her boyfriend Gilles Manzato continued driving but they couldn’t get the poor creature out of their mind, so they both knew they had to drive back and do something about it.

Girard said,“…we couldn’t stop thinking about it, so we drove back to the same spot and the puppy was there, trying to stand up.“

The condition the puppy was in was even worse than they initially thought.

It was so fragile and tiny that it could barely stand on its legs. Once it managed to stand, it got closer to the couple as though it was begging for help. When they saw how desperate it was, the couple didn’t think twice before they took it in the car.

Ika, the name the puppy got, was a sad little creature that was neglected to the extent it could barely breathe. The most obvious solution was to get it at the vet’s and then to a shelter where they will take proper care of her.

However, the sweet puppy grew on the couple who rescued it so they decided to take it in, and provide it with a forever home. As Girard said, “Our first plan was to hand her over to a rescue shelter, but we instantly fell in love with her. I remember the first nights, her skin was so itchy she would scratch constantly and cry at the same time.”

During the first days after the rescue Ika was in so much pain she could barely move. Her skin was infected with scabies and she was all itchy.

The couple did everything they could to provide the puppy with the appropriate medical assistance. Her skin was treated with coconut oil and lots of medications, and although the process of healing was long, she found the strength to endure it. After her skin condition got much better, the puppy became happier and started running around as any other healthy dog.

“Ika is definitely an alpha dog. She has anxiety issues and doesn’t trust people easily but once you gain her trust, she can be the sweetest thing on earth. She is very loyal and protective.”

The life of the puppy changed for the best. She is now one happy dog with a bright future. The couple makes sure she gets everything she needs. They do everything together, from taking long walks and playing fetch, to hiking and spending time at the nearby park.

Ika made the life of Girard and Gilles exciting and fun. She is so lovely that she fulfills their days with laughter.

After realizing how much the life of this puppy changed and how they helped her regain the trust in humans and become a joyful dog, they knew they had to help other dogs as well.

That is how the idea of starting “The Bali Squad” was born. This organization now has the goal of rescuing other dogs who suffer and are left to die. They make sure no other dog is abandoned by the side of the road.

We thank people like this couple who decide to dedicate their life helping stray dogs in desperate need of help. Their kind deeds restore our faith in humanity.

Source: The Dodo

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