Stray Puppy Followed These Travelers Home, Then They Woke Up To A Knock At Their Window

The dog followed them everywhere they went. But one day during their vacation, someone was knocking at their window...

If you met Spud today you’d agree that he’s got a good life.  But it wasn’t always frisbees and beaches for Spud.
Thanks to some travelers who found in while on vacation in Greece he’s got a home in the UK.
The travelers couldn’t help but love this little guy but they were desperate to find him a home before they left.  Watch as they pull away from the dock it’s heartbreaking and they knew they had to go back and help him.
They took to posting videos on Facebook of Spud on vacation with them and asked their family and friends for help.
Finally someone spoke up and wanted to adopt him.  After 14 hours in the car and a few ferry rides, he was home!
After his owner, Tori, started fostering him when he got to the U.K., she knew that she just couldn’t let him go. That’s why she decided to adopt him, and she’s been having a blast just being with him, traveling with the pup and even capturing his likeness in her beautiful art!
Because of the people who found him in Greece, Spud will never have to worry about living on the streets again.

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