Stray Golden Retriever Has a Panic Attack During Her Rescue Up Until the Moment She is Touched

Seeing her covering her eyes like a frightened child made our hearts break into a million pieces.


Only God knows what stray animals have to endure in order to survive on the streets. These poor souls struggle to find food, water, and shelter to spend each night at during hot summers and severe winters. Their life is hard, to say the least. As a result, it’s not surprising many of them are afraid of humans and run away whenever someone wants to approach them closer. 

A cute Golden Retriever named Clarabelle shared the sad fate of many homeless dogs. She was loved by the people from the neighborhood who fed her regularly, but she never allowed them to get close to her. They all knew her place wasn’t on the streets, but with a family that will show her love and will teach her how to trust humans. One day, the neighbors alerted Hope For Paws about Clarabelle. 

Eldad answered the call and went to see her and hopefully catch her but no one knew where she was hiding. On his fifth attempt, he noticed her. The moment he tried to get closer, Clarabelle panicked and covered her eyes with her paws. It was the most touching scene that we’ve ever witnessed during a rescue mission. 

Thankfully, once she experienced human touch, she calmed down. She knew she was rescued. Clarabelle is currently under the care of Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue, but we hope she will soon find her forever home. 

You can take a look at her rescue in the video below.