Stray Dog Was Recommended Euthanasia — But Rescuer Refused To Give Up

He looks like a completely different dog!


The vet recommended euthanasia…

The phrase of “Adopt, don’t shop” has been heard to all animal lovers worldwide by rescue organizations and shelters. There are always stray dogs who need our help, including a dog named Benji. Benji was found on a side of a street, cowering in fear and emaciated. To make matters worse, Benji had severe mange and had open sores on his body. A Youtuber named Andrea saw Benji and wanted to help him.

So she picked Benji up and quickly brought him to a vet for medical help. At the vet, Andrea was shocked to hear that it would be best to put Benji down. But Andrea did not agree with the vet’s recommendation and firmly believed that Benji can be saved. She decided to take matters into her own hands and personally became Benji’s caretaker.

Due to Benji’s severe condition, he would need plenty of care and antibiotic injections to recover. She proceed to give Benji a much-needed bath and gave him plenty of food. To cure his skin infection, Andrea rubbed plenty of virgin coconut oil on Benji’s body everyday.

As coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, Benji’s skin became better and fur eventually started to grow back.Three months later, Benji became a completely different dog! Not only his fur had grown back, he was finally free to enjoy life as a happy and healthy dog.

Benji now loves to nap in his very own doggy bed and run around on the beach with his new friends.Here is how Benji looks, before and after. What a major difference! Turns out that Andrea was right, every dog deserves a second chance.

To help more stray dogs like Benji, please consider to adopt a dog, not shop! Here is a video of Benji’s story below:


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