Stray mother dog saves baby from freezing to death

Way's motherly instinct to embrace the freezing baby helped save his life!



As it is not that uncommon for us to read and hear stories of animals being rescued by humans, it does happen that animals step in for us more often than we assume. 

The following story that comes from Argentina and is about a stray dog who saved an abandoned baby from freezing to death shows how compassionate and loving dogs really are and demonstrates the animal-to-human heroism we tend to forget exists. 

The stray named Way was a mother herself, so her maternal instinct told her to embrace the poor baby whose mother just left him there to die. 

Way stayed with the one-month-old baby during the night and until a woman named Alejandra Griffa heard noises that resembled baby crying and rushed to check it out. It was then when she spotted a tiny human hand among the litter of puppies. 

The baby was brought to the nearest hospital and his mother was later tracked down. She confessed she wanted the baby dead, luckily, Way didn’t let that happen.