Stray Dog Risks Her Life For Her Puppies, Thanks Rescuers For Saving Them All

The loving mama would have given her life for her babies. Thankfully, she didn't have to.


Being a mother means sacrificing yourself for the well-being of your children and making sure they feel loved and safe by your side. This dog mother did something amazing in order to keep her children out of the reach of another dog that wanted to harm them. When the rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited answered the call about this brave dog, they hurried to the scene and were welcomed by a disturbing sight.

A tissue was hanging from the mother’s belly, and everyone hoped her condition wasn’t as serious as it looked.

When the cute babies saw their mother being taken away by the rescuers, they all started following her so the staff took them as well. They didn’t want to separate the family. It was amazing how the mother was sweet and let people go near by, despite the stress and the pain she endured.

Once she was taken at the vet’s, they decided she had to undergo a surgery, which fortunately went well. The tissue was safely removed and she could start the recovery process. The puppies were eager to be reunited with their hero mommy again.

Below is the video of the rescue process. Check it out and see how the beautiful mama Angelina looks like today.

Some of the images in the video below are pretty graphic, so proceed with caution.

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