Stray dog adopted by gas station saves employee during assault

"If it weren't for Randy, who knows how things would have ended."


The employees of the gas station near Tamaulipas, Mexico could notice a stray dog wandering around the place. It really caught their attention because it was malnourished and extremely skinny. 

The kind people offered some food but it wasn’t that easy to make the poor creature approach for it didn’t trust humans. 

But they didn’t lose hope and did everything in their power to help the pup that was in need of salvation. 

Alfredo Marquez/Google

“We fed him, bathed him and got him vaccinated,” Gerardo Aguilar, the station’s owner, told The Dodo. “We adopted him. Now he lives here, and is cared for by all the workers.”

The beautiful doggy was named Randy and he became a valuable part of the life of each of the employees. They all loved him a lot, but none could ever imagine how this brave pup will repay them for their kindness. 

Gerardo Aguilar

One evening, an incident happened. Two armed robbers entered the gas station and asked from the employee to give them all the cash from the safe and the register. They even harmed him physically by kicking him and knocking him on the floor.

At the time, Randy was sound asleep in the warehouse, but the strange noises woke him up and he rushed in to help his friend. 

Below is the dramatic moment caught on the surveillance camera:

No one can predict the outcome of the incident if it wasn’t for Randy who saved the day. “We were surprised to see how he reacted, and of course we are proud of him,” Aguilar said. “If it weren’t for Randy, who knows how things would have ended. He shows us how grateful and happy he is with us.”

Gerardo Aguilar

Everyone got to learn of Randy’s brave act and he became favorite not only among the staff but the customers as well. One of them, Nuria Arellano even says how she chooses to buy the gas here only because she gets to see and pet lovely Randy that way. 

“He makes it a better experience. I always call him, and he gets in the door of my truck and brings his face to mine,” Arellano said. “It would be wonderful if the culture changed and there were more rescued puppies at other gas stations and other stores. Let’s hope this happens one day.”

We also believe that this lovely story will inspire other business to adopt a stray pup that will keep them staff safe and will have a place to stay. 

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