Stray Cat Only Accepts Portable Takeaways From Strangers – For One Reason Alone


The cat was only fulfilling her duty.

This is the story of a cat affectionately named Dongsuk by the woman who had known her for quite some time ago.

The woman had been feeding cats for over 5 years – but she insists that she has never met a cat like Dongsuk. The reason was that Dongsuk would never eat the food she was given – it had to be a takeaway! Dongsuk would refuse or ignore food laid out on a plate, but would gladly take it if it was already all wrapped up for her to scamper away with!

But the woman’s curiosity about Dongsuk’s odd behavior remained. Thus, every time the woman starts to prepare food for the local stray cats, she always made sure to set one bag of food in a plastic carrier specially for Dongsuk. But why was Dongsuk openly refusing food but took a liking to takeaways? The woman decided to find out, as she followed Dongsuk’s footsteps one day. To her surprise, the woman discovered that Dongsuk was actually bringing the food back to her little kitten!

Dongsuk had recently given birth to a litter of five kittens – but unfortunately, only one kitten had survived. The rest were all dead. One kitten was all Dongsuk had, and she made sure to take good care of her young.

Dongsuk would actually pry the sack of food open just for her kitten to feast on first. She would only proceed to eat the scraps once her kitten finishes.

Dongsuk’s compassionate and motherly nature touched the woman’s heart, and she was determined to help the feline pair.

Watch Dongsuk’s story below!

Wasn’t Dongsuk an amazing mother?

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