Stolen St. Bernard Barks for Days From Abandoned House Until Someone Finally Comes

It could have ended so tragically, but this happened instead.


That abandoned house was a dumping ground for unwanted dogs and puppies.

Bentley, a St. Bernard found himself in the basement of that place with no way out. There were no stairs and he was left without any food or water. It was obvious he was dumped there to die.

The dog was very scared and the only thing he could do was to start barking loudly in hopes someone would hear him and come to his rescue. Luckily, that’s exactly what happened, but only after he spent days at the dark and scary place. When someone finally heard him he was already way too exhausted and seriously underweight.

Detroit Dog Rescue

The person who took notice of the dog in need contacted Detroit Dog Rescue who arrived at the scene as soon as possible.

Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) wrote:

“It’s something you see in horror movies. This St. Bernard was locked in a basement of an abandoned house with no stairs and absolutely no way to get out. Alone and in the dark, he wasted away while he waited each day for rescuers.”

Detroit Dog Rescue

“Thankfully, animal control officers and the Detroit Land Bank came. One officer even scaled the walls down to him while another animal control officer pulled him out. It was a rescue done by true heroes.”

However, the dog was yet to be completely rescued by providing him with the much-needed medical care.

“Bentley is over 40lbs underweight and straining to eliminate,” DDR wrote. “Of course, in these cases we are always fearful of organ failure, but Bentley seems to be doing okay.”

Detroit Dog Rescue

The staff from DDR noticed Bentley wearing a collar, so they were certain he had a family and was someone’s pet.

After he fully recovered, the employees posted a picture of him on their Facebook page and that’s when they got a call from the dog’s family who were desperately trying to find him.

Detroit Dog Rescue

Some cruel people stole the poor dog out of the family’s yard and then got rid of him, while the family was left wondering whether he was alive or not.

Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of DDR, told The Dodo, “They thought they would never find him again, and he was so happy to see them. They couldn’t believe how skinny he had gotten.”

Detroit Dog Rescue

Although there are savage people out there who dare to hurt an innocent animal, there are also those who are ready to lend a hand to any living creature in need of medical help and kindness.

“Everybody was just so happy, and extremely heartbroken over it,” Rinaldi said. “He was really loved and missing for a long time, so they were overjoyed to have him back.”

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