Little dog spent 12 years in a cage, the moment her rescuers show up is one to remember

This is such an uplifting story. Belle is a dog whose bravery we should all look up to!


This is the incredible life story of a tiny but brave dog named Belle. She spent 12 years of her life trapped in a tiny cage in a puppy mill until her rescuers showed up and gave her new lease on life. 

After she was rescued, Belle was treated for parasites and ingrown nails, as well as glaucoma in her left eye. Although her path to a complete recovery was a long one, a loving woman from the Netherlands named Irene was willing to help Belle and provide her with all the medical treatments she was in need of by adopting her and giving her a loving home.

During the first moths in her new home, Belle underwent various surgeries as she had leishmania (a single cell parasite) and had all of her teeth that were completely rotten removed.

During one of the surgeries, Belle experienced a heart-attack and had to be resuscitated.

With the help of Irene, Belle learned how to walk and made lots of friends. The two would always go out for long walks and enjoyed running in the park as well as soaking up the rays during the sunny days.

Sadly, the pain sweet Belle experienced due to the glaucoma was unbearable and her eye had to be removed.

Just four years after this surgery, Belle lost her right eye too, and she was now completely blind.

This poor soul had to learn how to live without seeing the world that surrounded her, but her bravery and her strong will to live were always there and she never gave up.

She continued to be the vibrant dog that everyone loved so much.

Below is her story that teaches us that no matter the circumstances, we should always find the beauty in waking up each day.

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