After Spending His Entire Life On A Chain, Biscuit The Siberian Husky Is Shown An Empty Field

He got to experience freedom for the first time ever, and it's on a big six-acre field.


In order for a dog to have a fulfilling life, they need to be loved and free. These loving four-legged creatures enjoy running around and playing with kind humans. Sadly, not all of them get to experience the life they deserve.


Biscuit is a Siberian Husky who spent most of his life changed. His canine friends who ended up in the hands of the same cruel owner experienced the same faith as him. They would be held outside even during the coldest of times which resulted in their paws to get frostbitten.

A it turned out, no one was really aware of the ordeal the dogs had to go through until one day a woman who was driving along the Kentucky property where they were held noticed them.

Thankfully, she did all she could to save the dogs, and with the help of animal services she managed to take them from their neglectful owner.

Biscuit and his friends felt the wind in their face as they ran through the huge field for the first time ever. They experienced freedom and they loved it.

Take a look at the joy of being free in the video below!