Soldier Has Been Away For Months – Cat’s Heartwarming Reaction To Seeing Him Says It All

This is just too cute for words!


We are pretty aware most people believe how cats think of themselves as Gods who only need their humans when it’s time for a nice meal or a long belly rub, but I guess that’s far from reality.

If they aren’t waiting for you to come home staying at the door and wagging their tale, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It might be that cats don’t really know how to express the way they feel for their humans.

Finn, however, is unlike any other cat. This adorable grey-collored Ragdoll really misses his owner and he’s not afraid to show that.

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The cat starts meowing as though he feels someone special is about to walk through the door. He is both anxious and excited but still not aware he is about to see his owner who’s been in the military.

The woman who films the whole thing keeps asking Finn whether he knows who’s coming. And once she asks, “Did you hear him? Who’s home?” the cat rushes towards the door, stands on his back feet, and tries to open it.

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However, the poor cat fails to reach for the handle and is left waiting and wondering who to expect.

And after a couple more minutes, the door finally opens and Finn’s favorite human emerges right in front of him. This is definitely the best surprise ever.

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Finn is tickled pink and immediately starts affectionately circling around his daddy’s feet, trying to tell him how much he missed him.

Once the owner says, “What’s going on, buddy?” Finn jumps right into his arms. The two were separated for such a long time that they have to catch up on all the cuddles and all the fun they’ve missed.

Source: Video Screenshot

People simply fell in love with Finn’s reaction of seeing his human daddy and the video has gone viral in a blink of an eye.

Many people, especially animal lovers, say it’s another proof that cats have feelings and are able to express their affection and devotion.

“people who say cats don’t have feelings… think again.”


“that cat is adorable”


“that was the puuurfect reaction”

“the cat jumping into his arms did me in :)”


Finn is such a special cat. Make sure you watch his adorable reaction that stole the hearts of many in the video below.

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