Soldier Fears For Dog’s Life, But He Has Just The Solution

This is unlike anything you've ever seen! This is the kind of love that makes the heart swell and eyes well up with happy tears!❤️


What a kind-hearted soldier!

When one Army Specialist, Ken Wyrsch’s duties in Iraq came to an end and he needed to return home, the poor man was devastated at first – he had to leave a piece of his heart behind in Iraq. While he was serving in Iraq, Wyrsch and his platoon had adopted a stray puppy and named him Ollie. Ollie was a very loving dog according to him, and the pup soon became the camp’s beloved mascot. Ollie never showed any signs of aggression, as he was a truly gentle dog.

When their mission ended and Wyrsch had to head back home with the rest of his friends, they had to make the heartbreaking choice of leaving Ollie behind. Back home in the United States, Wyrsch missed Ollie terribly. As Wyrsch had remarked:”You don’t leave a friend behind. Can’t do it.”

Wyrsch’s worst fear was that Ollie would be mistreated due to the harsh living conditions in Iraq. He had feared that Ollie might end up in the wrong hands, or become a source of target practice for others.

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Wyrsch could not stop worrying and thinking about Ollie, thus he contacted SPCA International and requested their help to get Ollie transported to San Francisco, where he lived. Thousands of dollars were also collected in the form of donations to help get Ollie back to his side. “He’s worth it,” Wyrsch remarks happily.

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