Snowman Blocks Deer’s Path, Deer Comes Up With Solution And Wins The Internet

Instead of getting scared or running away, the deer's response is perfect!


Winter seems to be everyone’s favorite season. If you think kids enjoy it the most, you may be wrong. Animals love running around the piles of snow and exploring the surrounding which is unlike anything they are used to. 


Well, this season brings some new, unfamiliar faces for the residents, such as the lovely snowman who somehow popped up on the field overnight. One deer and his friend are curious to learn what this white thing is. One of them wants to approach the snowman but feels a bit hesitant because he doesn’t know what to expect.

When he finally gets closer and realizes there is no reaction from the snowman, the deer starts sniffing and then goes for the nose which is a yummy carrot.

It’s a good thing that those who build the snowman decided to put some carrots on his head as well, so the deer has more snacks to treat himself with.  


This is definitely the deer’s luckiest day. He got some nice carrots and met an unusual friend.

But, what is most interesting of all is what he does to the poor snowman’s head once he eats his hair. 

Take a look at the sweet video below. 

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