Snowboarder Stumbles Upon A Horse, Who Was Lost In The Snow

What a crazy story!


The horse was in real trouble.

Rafael Pease is a 21-year-old junior at the University of Colorado Boulder, who splits his time between the southern and northern hemispheres chasing snow and snowboarding. On a recent trip to the Chilean backcountry, he had encountered a horse who was buried deep in powdered snow and left unable to move. Pease then worked all day to dig the horse out of the heavy snow, saving its life and capturing the whole ordeal on his GoPro.

The rescue occurred on July 13, which was his twenty-first birthday – the man had been snowboarding on El Colorado mountain located in Chile. He hiked up onto the back country but spotted the horse in need of his help. The elderly horse had been buried by snow from snow groomers, and was too tired to get itself out. It could have perished in the snowy mountains if not for the man. Pease remarked that his efforts to save the horse were “worth it”.

After hours of digging, Pease was able to coax the horse back down the mountain, out to a grazing pasture and back into the wild. When he got down to the ski resort, resort workers tried to take the horse from him to bring the animal somewhere else to die, which was greatly appalling.

Watch the horse rescue happen in the video below!

Weeks after his rescue, Pease was approached by a local farmer when he was helping out at the Flux Veho Mountain Film Festival. The film festival was organized to help celebrate the mountain culture in Chile.

Due to his efforts, Pease had become well known by the locals, and the farmer heard of his horse rescue incident. The farmer thanked him and told him that he was the previous owner of the horse. The animal was an old work horse he had recently released, so that it could enjoy its remaining days in peace. Now it can, thanks to Pease.

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