Snow Leopard Notices She’s On Camera, Puts On Show

What a ham!


Is there anything more adorable than the cats who never fail to amaze us with their goofy behavior? These creatures are indeed very special for they make our lives complete. Their actions, as the one below, always make us laugh hard.

Well, it appears that all the cats, including the wild ones, share these traits. Even though we don’t get to interact with the latter that often because they are wild and dangerous to be around, we still manage to capture unique acts with them, as the one in the video.

Meet Jessie, a big wild snow leopard.

Source: Facebook / Paradise Wildlife Park

For the past three years, this beautiful wild cat has been living in the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. She enjoys hanging out with the other leopards, as well as playing around.

However, she has no idea her life at the park has been ‘filmed’ until one day she noticed the camera installed by the staff. Her reaction to this discovery is beyond hilarious. People from the zoo believed it will make others laugh too so they shared it online and nearly 2 million people has seen Jessie flipping out.

Source: Facebook / Paradise Wildlife Park

“This is the best thing you’ll see all day…” Paradise Wildlife Park captioned the video.

Source: Facebook / Paradise Wildlife Park

Everyone who got to see the priceless reaction said they enjoyed it so much that they watched it again and again. Jessie is a beautiful snow leopard with impressive markings. And the face she makes reveals how surprised she is by the camera.

The staff from the zoo says Jessie has a vibrant personality and her weight of 40 kg should not be concerning because that is how a healthy female of this species weights.

Below are some of the comments people from around the world posted about this hilarious wild cat.

We really hope we’ll get to see more videos of Jessie in the future.

In the meantime, watch the one below and enjoy.

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