Hilarious boxer is done waiting for his human daddy and takes things into his own hands.



Many dog owners take their pets with them wherever they go, and that includes supermarkets and shopping malls. The thing is that animals are not always allowed in some of these places, so they are left waiting inside the vehicle.

Just recently, one human daddy to a sweet boxer had to stop at the gallery and told his pup to be a good boy and wait for him. However, the dog didn’t seem to like the idea of staying inside the car all by himself and was impatient for his dad to get back. What’s most, he decided to alert his human of that in the most hilarious way possible.


Luckily, one of the passersby who got to witness the dog’s act though it would be fun if they share it with the YouTube community, and we are glad they did it. Well, it’s not everyday that we see dogs acting humans, right?

As for this particular dog, he’s just another proof that boxers are one of the most intelligent breed out there. They are friendly and energetic, so if you ever considered getting one you should be aware that they require lots of walking, running, and dedication.


Waiting is boring, so the dog takes things into his own hands.

How he solves the situation? He looks at the horn and comes up with a great idea.


As the sweet and pretty smart dog honks the horn with one paw while holding the steering wheel with the other, people are left confused and impressed at the same time. They’ve never seen a dog doing that, and we haven’t either.


The video is totally hilarious. Luckily, they managed to put everything on tape before dad got back.

This will make your day!

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