Sightseeing Tour In For Once In A Lifetime Moment Out On The Water

This is definitely a once in a lifetime moment no one on the boat will forget.


There are some moments that stay with us forever. Whether it’s because they’re extremely rare or extremely sad, they change us and the way we view the world. When one family went on vacation in Port Macquarie, Australia they were eager and excited to see and learn new things about the area. Mom signed the whole family up for a whale watching adventure, never expecting to capture such an unforgettable once in a lifetime moment.


The passengers boarded a small boat and made their way out into the ocean. The tour guide recited facts about the area and the tourists were all hopeful they’d be lucky enough to spot some whales. Unfortunately, not all tourists get the chance to spot a whale while out on the boat but fortunately for this family they were about to be treated to a wonderful surprise.


Off in the distance mom saw a whale breach. Hopeful they’d get the opportunity to see the whale up close she pulled out her camera to start recording. Only seconds into filming, the entire boat of tourists is in for a treat. The boat rocks and everyone gasps – some even let out a scream – as a gigantic whale jumps from the water to break free and give the tourists an unforgettable moment. Everyone is in complete shock. The whale breaks out of the water just a few feet from where their boat is located. It even manages to give them all a great splash. The footage is incredible as you can really see the whale up close and personal. What a wonderful surprise no one on this boat is sure to forget. Watch the moment for yourself in the video below.

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