Sick Stray Dog Walks Right Through Doors Of Shelter And Happily Falls Asleep

"Fate brought her to the right place and she knew it.”


What looked like an ordinary day at work, turned into an unusual rescue story. The staff from the Humane International Society (HSI) India was so busy doing their job that they didn’t notice the dog who passed by their office and decided to take a nap on the couch. The poor dog was in a desperate need of help and simply had to rest in order to regain her strength.

Alokparna Sengupta, the deputy director of HSI India, told The Dodo how they noticed the dog was there only because of the stench.

“Her skin condition was serious — she had mange and her ears were bleeding.”

Humane Society International India

Once they saw the dog, everyone rushed to bring her some food and water, but the dog got scared from all the people who were looking at her so she managed to run away before she was offered any help. The people felt bad for letting the dog on the streets, because it was obvious her condition was terrible.

Humane Society International India

However, the following day, the dog came by again, and this time, the shelter staff made sure it won’t run away, at least not before they took care of it. The dog, later named Fairy, went straight to the couch where it curled and fell asleep. She was offered food and later brought at the vet’s. The doctor said that the dog’s mange was more severe than it looked and she had barely had any fur. Fairy was terrified, but she somehow knew these people were there to help her.

“When I went to pick her up to take her to the doctor, her skin was peeling off,” Sengupta said. “But she was and is an angel. No complaint or stress. I guess fate brought her to the right place and she knew it.”

Humane Society International India

Besides her looks, she was in a good health condition, so the doctors gave her proper medications and that’s when the healing process began. The infection was there for quite some time, and it was sad how no one tried to help the dog for so long.

“She had probably been suffering for a couple of months and was shooed away because of the way she looked,”

Humane Society International India

Fairy knew she was in the right hands. She never complained or resisted, and was extremely grateful for all the love and attention she received form the employees who grew very fond of the lovely dog.

Humane Society International India

“She has been an extremely patient and happy dog,” Sengupta said. “After the second day at the boarding kennel, she immediately trusted the volunteers and patiently had a bath every single week. After her recovery, we realized what a happy and friendly dog she was.”

Humane Society International India

Even though she had a tough life on the streets, Fairy got her happy ending. Her recovery process lasted for about six months, after which she was placed in a forever home. Everyone who got near this adorable dog could see how sweet and gentle she was. The shelter staff say that her human parents are the luckiest people in the country, because they got to adopt so special pet.

Humane Society International India

It’s amazing how she knew exactly where to look for help in the first place. Thanks to the HSI India, Fairy’s life changed for the best and she is now a happy dog. She can play and run as much as she wants.

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