This story of a dog left to die on a bridge is a lesson we should all learn from

He was left there to die with his fragile body all covered in ticks.


The story of Dennis is just another proof that animals are too good for humans to own them. Many owners fail in treating them the way they deserve and many end abandoned and neglected to the extent there is nothing could be done for them.

Sadly, Dennis’ owners left him on a bridge to die. He was emaciated and his body was all covered in ticks. A passerby spotted him and alerted Hope for Paws about his poor condition. The rescuers arrived in no time and provided Dennis with the medical assistance he was in need of. But even after everything they did for him, Dennis passed away.

His story is there to teach us all that we should always be the voice of the voiceless and never let another dog experience his fate.

Rest in peace Dennis. Humanity failed you šŸ™

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