Shot Elephant Collapses on Top of Big Game Hunter Crushing Him to Death

I feel bad for him, but I feel worse for the elephant that was killed.


Theunis Botha was a famous name in the world of hunting. He started that as a hobby when he was young and soon started organizing hunting tours that helped him pay for his education.

With time, he and his wife established a hunting farm which later turned into hunting ranches across Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.

Recently, this big game hunter was killed by what supposed to be his prey.

TB Big Game Hounds

Namely, Theunis and a group of hunters spotted a group of breeding elephants in Zimbabwe when the animals started approaching with one lifting Theunis with her trunks. It was then that one of the people shut the elephant that fell directly on Theunis, crushing his body.

His death was confirmed by his eldest daughter. Theunis was a father of five.

TB Big Game Hounds

He was known as the “houndsman” because of the tour he offered, “Monteria hunt,” where he used hounds to drive boar and deer into hunters’ cross hairs.

Many wealthy Americans, as well as other rich people from all around the world, took tours with Theunis and hunted wild animals for fun and for trophies.

As much as his death is sad, it’s his game that killed him at the end. We don’t think hunting for money and fun should be part of the world.

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